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Connection is key

I believe that meaningful connections are the foundation of transformative journeys. Whether you're curious about how psilocybin and breathwork can support your midlife transition or you're ready to take the next step, I'm here to help.

Reach out to start a conversation, and let's explore together whether we're a good fit for your personal growth and healing journey. Your path to renewed energy and clarity begins with a single step—let's take it together.

"Psilocybin allows us to rediscover the awe and wonder of existence, unlocking the doors to profound self-awareness and healing, one mindful breath at a time."

About Me

Taryn Swanepoel, a seasoned professional in breathwork facilitation, yoga instruction, nutrition coaching, and psilocybin guidance, redefined her career path following personal experiences with professional burnout and self-discovery. Leveraging the transformational power of her Microdose Method, she adeptly addresses unique challenges experienced by people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Taryn's empathetic and empowerment-focused coaching emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes, gaining acclaim for her attentive and nurturing guidance. Clients under her wing find safety, connection, and profound gratitude within her transformative sessions, each encounter imbued with Taryn's innate passion and dedication. Serving those grappling with midlife complexities, Taryn Swanepoel offers a ray of clarity, joy, and peace.

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