Embrace Midlife Mastery

A program for those standing at life's crossroads, seeking clarity and fulfillment

Navigate life's shifts seamlessly and reclaim your joy with our Microdose Method.

Embrace Midlife Mastery

A program for those standing at life's crossroads, seeking clarity and fulfillment

Navigate life's shifts seamlessly and reclaim your joy with our Microdose Method.


Setting the Stage for Transformation


  • Establish a foundational understanding of wellness tools.

  • Craft a personal plan to enhance well-being.


Begin your journey to renewal by understanding the underlying principles of transformation. You’ll create a personal well-being plan that lays out your path to emotional balance, self-awareness, and rejuvenation.


Breathing Towards Balance


  • Learn to effectively manage stress and emotions.

  • Experience improved emotional stability.


Cultivate resilience by learning progressive breathwork techniques. These daily routines will help you navigate life's challenges and maintain equilibrium amidst the fluctuations of everyday life.


Cultivating Clarity through Mindfulness


  • Achieve enhanced self-awareness.

  • Cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness.


Enhance your journey of growth by practicing mindfulness. Through guided meditations and reflective exercises, you'll achieve mental clarity, allowing for informed decision-making and a heightened sense of self.


Fuel for Transformation: Nutritional Wellness


  • Attain improved physical health.

  • Experience a boost in energy levels.


Replenish your body with tailored nutritional advice, focusing on foods that fuel your transformation. A holistic approach to nutrition provides the energy needed to pursue your ultimate fulfillment.


Harmony and Focus through Yoga


  • Heightened mental focus.

  • Improved physical fitness.


Embrace a balanced lifestyle that integrates physical and mental wellness. Crafted specially for you, our yoga routines help increase body control and concentrate your mind, preparing you to unlock your fullest potential.


Unlocking Creativity


  • Rekindle creative energies.

  • Enhance personal expression.


Bring out your innate creativity through guided exercises and discussions. As your creative spark is reignited, you will start to see new perspectives and opportunities, adding richness to your midlife journey.


Building Bridges: Social Connectivity


  • Heighten social skills.

  • Revitalize personal relationships.


Enhance your social interactions and build meaningful connections with practical exercises. This module aids you in creating a supportive network that nurtures growth and fulfillment.



Self Discovery

This is the starting point, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. By identifying your ideas, values, interests, passions, and strengths, you’ll be able to start to map out a meaningful and fulfilling future beyond your current role and identity.

Duration: 3 hours


Purpose Discovery

The 'Purpose Discovery' module involves deep, perhaps lengthy, reflection exercises and visualisation techniques to help you discover and validate your new purpose beyond your work identity. You will leave this module feeling empowered and confident about your next phase of life.

Duration: 3 hours


Process Development

In this ‘foundation’ module, you’ll start to build a clear roadmap for your journey into the future. Through a clear understanding of goal-setting and action planning, you’ll gain the tools and techniques you need to navigate this significant transition. You may well find this quite different from any change you’ve managed before.

Duration: 3 hours


Support Development

This module will guide you in how to prepare yourself for the way forward. You’ll learn to ‘let go’ of the ‘past’ and the need for forgiveness and gratitude to facilitate this. We’ll discover who and what to avoid and how to identify ‘partners in believing’ who’ll support you in what may be a complex period of setting yourself free.

Duration: 3 hours


Managing Transition

Building on the previous module, you'll learn stress management techniques, how to deal with anxiety, and resilience-building strategies. You’ll learn to have faith and belief in yourself and transmit this to others. We’ll revisit the work you did in Modules 2 and 3 and fill out any additional detail or clarity. This module prepares you emotionally to manage the way forward seamlessly.

Duration: 3 hours


Harvesting Transition

In this module you’ll ‘launch’ your new ‘business’ of being YOU in ‘life-after-work’. You'll learn confidence-building exercises and ongoing action planning techniques to face any future fears and uncertainties. By paying attention to your intention without tension and with the support of your ‘team’ you can be confident your expectations will be met. This module ensures you step into your next phase ‘Powered Up’ with a sense of renewed significance and life force. Perhaps it’s time for a ‘starting party’!

Duration: 3 hours


Embracing the New Chapter: Integration and Transformation


  • Effective integration of new habits.

  • Tools for continued growth beyond the 8-week journey.


This final week provides an opportunity to look back on your journey and plan for your future. You'll reflect, consolidate learning, and plan for continued resilience and joy beyond the end of our time together. Embark on the rest of your journey knowing that you have the tools to thrive.

Who Is It For?

Men and Women in their 40s and 50s experiencing midlife challenges and seeking clarity and peace.

Those feeling dissatisfied with their current life trajectory and desire to regain control through holistic methodologies.

Aspiring to increase their creativity, focus, productivity, and achieve an overall improved mood and emotional well-being.

Who Is It Not For?

Those not in the age range of 40s and 50s or not experiencing midlife challenges.

People who are comfortable with their current life trajectory and don't feel the need for self-improvement.

Those not open to mindfulness practices and do not believe in the benefits of improving social interactions, mental health, or overall wellbeing.

About Me

Taryn Swanepoel, a seasoned professional in breathwork facilitation, yoga instruction, nutrition coaching, and psilocybin guidance, redefined her career path following personal experiences with professional burnout and self-discovery. Leveraging the transformational power of her Microdose Method, she adeptly addresses unique challenges experienced by people in their 40s and 50s. Taryn's empathetic and empowerment-focused coaching emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes, gaining acclaim for her attentive and nurturing guidance. Clients under her wing find safety, connection, and profound gratitude within her transformative sessions, each encounter imbued with Taryn's innate passion and dedication. Serving those grappling with midlife complexities, Taryn Swanepoel offers a ray of clarity, joy, and peace.

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